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WMAF 2013 Fall Tournament
Sunday November 17, 2013
Reggie Lewis Track and Field
Boston, MA 
Make all checks payable to WMAF and mail  entry fees to
#19  Sixth Rd Woburn, MA 01801




Please -- Fill out a new form for each event!!
Events are Sparring, Forms, Weapons,  etc.
A separate application is needed for each event.

This year all rings will be pre-assigned before the day of the tournament.

Each school will be sent the list of pre-assigned rings and they will be posted the day of the tournament in the check-in area.

 We will split rings with 20 or more competitors. This should give each child a better chance. The lessons of life can be learned through sports. Let’s set good examples in sportsmanship. Nothing less will be allowed at this event!
“The ultimate aim of the martial arts lies not in victory or defeat, but in the development of the character of the practitioner.” -- Gichen Funikoshi.
ENTRY FEES: The initial entry fee for the first event is $40.00 The second event is $10. Spectator tickets are $10.00 for Teens & Adult and $5.00 all children 5 yrs. and up. Please have your Competitors ticket, equipment and the correct change for spectator tickets when you enter the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center. This will help the lines move quickly.
LATE ENTRY: You may enter the day of the event. A late fee of $10.00 will be charged in addition to the entry fee. If you need to fill out an application, a table will be set up to the side of the entry way.
RING ASSIGNMENTS: Event competitors are grouped based on age, rank, event, and, for sparring events, gender. For example: Boys -  age 6 and under - Orange/Purple – Sparring in RING 1. All boys in this group will compete in ring 1. Competitors should get to the assigned ring quickly for a role call (attendance).  A list is included in the rules. Changes may need to be made that day, and will be announced over the sound system. Students from the same school should gather together and help each other out. Those who have been to tournaments, and those who have not, can work together to make this a great event.
SPARRING: Children must have their own gear. See your instructor. All males are required to wear a cup and supporter. ALL MALES, ALL AGES. Other required equipment includes Head Gear, Gloves, Kicks, Mouth Guard, and a uniform. Additional gear may be used, but is not mandatory. We pair off the children when ever possible by size, and try not to have the students fight against a student from their own school in the first round . NO COACHING IS ALLOWED! GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP IS A MUST. DISQUALIFICATION MAY RESULT FROM BEHAVIOR NOT ACCEPTABLE OR COACHING BY COMPETITORS AND SPECTATORS AND MAYBE ASKED TO LEAVE THE REGGIE LEWIS CENTER.
FOOD: The rules for the Reggie Lewis Center state no food in Track Area! We have secured a location where you can see the event and have a lunch or snack. There is a Dunkin' Donuts in the Reggie Lewis Center that has the sole right to sell food and beverages. The lines are long. They sell sandwiches, juice, coffee, and other items. We have NO control over this.
JUDGING: In the sparring competition, we have three(3) judges and take a majority to call a point. The reason for this is that, in sparring, the judge needs to see a point and their vision may be blocked. It may be a clear point to some, but if the judge’s view is blocked and he/she cannot see the point, then the point cannot be called. In addition, judges are trained to call points based on the contestant's level in the arts. We do not expect to call the same point for white belts as we do for black belts. Judges will make their ruling based on fair and friendly competition.
 All Divisions are based on educated interpretations of Balance, Poise, Power, Focus, Concentration and Realism.
If you have a question, there will be ring coordinators on the main floor  supervising the rings. Their job is to keep the tournament moving with fairness and safety, and to make sure rules are being followed. All pictures and videos taken at any Federation event become the property of the Federation. These pictures and videos may be used in the future for other advertising for Federation events. Any person/persons that pay admission as either a spectator or competitor realeses all ownership to the federation unless a wriiten letter is sent to the federation  asking us not to use the materials. This covers all ages of participants. All children who have a signed permission form from thier parents to compete also gives permission for the same listed above.

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